The online library catalog for small libraries, powered by LibraryThing

  • Simple

    TinyCat is a simple, fast, and clean way to manage your small library.

  • Mobile

    Manage and share your library on every device and platform, no library app required.

  • Powerful

    Book recommendations and faceted results not seen in comparable library management systems.

  • Enhanced

    Your catalog can be enhanced with Dewey Decimal Classification® numbers, series, genres, professional and reader reviews, and more.

  • Professional

    Circulation, patrons, and accounts. Import and export MARC records.

  • Tested and Trusted

    Since 2005, LibraryThing has been the best home library solution, used by more than three million customers.

    Since 2016, TinyCat has been the best library software choice for schools, classrooms, community groups, churches and museums.

The Library Catalog

Library Management

Your Collection

Import your existing collection, from MARC or other formats.

Copy catalog from over 4,900 libraries and other sources.

Leverage the power of LibraryThing to add tags, covers, and other metadata.

Make your library catalog shine with full series coverage, awards, published reviews, and over two million reader reviews.

Your Online Library

Mobile-ready, right out of the gate.

True faceted searching, like one of those expensive "discovery systems."

Stable URLs and social media buttons allow library staff and users to share the library anywhere on the web.


Simple circulation system designed for small libraries.

Holds, renewals, overdues, reminder emails, circulation exports, and automated reports.

Optional patron accounts, with patron sign-in and borrowing history.

Includes an even simpler circulation system for high-trust environments, like classroom libraries.

Some of Our Customers

Nolan Creek School Library

Nolan Creek School empowers K-8 students in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math.

Nolan Creek School Library

Church Library at Sacred Heart / St. Dominic

The library of Sacred Heart / St. Dominic Catholic Church in Maine.

Saint Jerome Library

Queer Zine Library

Queer Zine Library is a UK based diy mobile library celebrating radical LGBTQIA+ self-publishing. The library collects queer zines and small press publications and provides access to queer communities across the UK.

Queer Zine Library

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YOUR Library

Check out your existing LibraryThing catalog on TinyCat.

30-day free trials.

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Folio Society Logo

Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum is a nonprofit member-supported library and cultural center at the heart of the historic Pike Place Market.

Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum's Library

Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas Library

The Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas was chartered in 1955 to promote interest and research, and to give instruction in the science of astronomy and related disciplines.

Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas Library

VicRML Logo

The library of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Victoria, Australia.

VRM Library's TinyCat

The Starfish Foundation Library

The Starfish Foundation works to better the lives both refugees and residents of Lesvos, Greece.

The Starfish Foundation Library

Slighe nan Gàidheal Library

Slighe nan Gàidheal is a non-profit educational society that teaches and promotes the Scottish Gaelic language and culture in the Pacific Northwest.

Slighe nan Gàidheal Library


Join us for one of our free webinars, held on Wednesdays at 1pm Eastern. Bring your questions and get a live demo of TinyCat, and learn how it can revitalize your small library. No registration required! Join our next TinyCat webinar here at 1pm ET on Wednesdays.


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Email Support

TinyCat libraries always receive full email support. Send your questions, feedback, or requests to [email protected]. Email us now


Simply the Best!

"I carefully tested out each comparable system and have easily determined that TinyCat is by FAR the most robust, easy to use, and effective system. Thank you for making it possible for a non-technical librarian to quickly set-up [an ILS]."

– Peter, Tito Peter's Free Library

Professional Interface

"I love the colorful and professional look of my TinyCat library, I can easily use the link to share my books and reviews with my fellow book lovers. Thanks!"

– Pourthe, Personal Library

Big Win for Small School

"I love that TinyCat allows my small school library the chance to check out books and keep track of our catalog inventory without busting my equally small budget. Thank you!"

– Rachel, Paoli Jr-Sr High School

Reading Residents

"I think we are on the right track. The residents in our Senior Living community love using the TinyCat interface."

– Judie, Heritage Heights Library

Engaging and Refreshing

"The beautiful interface and nimble searchability is engaging and refreshing for our school community members."

– Shelly, Arbor School Library

LibraryThing Love

"LibraryThing and TinyCat continue to be the most important, BEST library management system and online catalog option we could have chosen! I look forward to continuing the relationship."

– Lucy, Gnomon Library

Pricing (30-day free trial)


just you and your books

  • Free!

    100%-personal TinyCat accounts are free.


no budget or staff

  • up to 500 items
  • up to 1,000 items
  • up to 2,000 items
  • up to 5,000 items
  • up to 10,000 items
  • up to 20,000 items

Paid Staff

small but mighty

  • up to 500 items
  • up to 1,000 items
  • up to 2,000 items
  • up to 5,000 items
  • up to 10,000 items
  • up to 20,000 items

Special Pricing

10+ accounts

  • Email us for more information on group pricing.

What qualifies as a "volunteer library"?

To qualify as a "volunteer library" the library must have no paid library staff and no regular acquisitions budget exceeding $500.

General institutional staff, such as maintenance, or a rabbi or minister, who do not manage the church's library, are not considered library staff.

Special Cases: Classroom libraries are ALWAYS considered volunteer libraries.

What qualifies as a "personal library"?

Personal libraries are for personal use, including families. A shared, non-profit library used by others is not considered personal.

TinyCat is the Best Library Management System For:

  • Schools

    Public schools, private schools and homeschool libraries are able to update class lists easily through TinyCat’s complete patron import-export loop.

  • Classrooms

    Teachers love TinyCat’s easy-to-use interface, including a simple self-checkout system, for their students.

  • Community Groups

    Volunteer-run organizations keep their library management costs low through TinyCat's affordable subscriptions, starting from just $3/month.

  • Health Libraries

    TinyCat helps hospitals and other health industry libraries maintain specific privacy standards for their patrons.

  • Houses of Worship

    Churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship make up one of the largest types of libraries using TinyCat. Every member of the community can access the library from home.

  • Museums

    Libraries can catalog non-book materials like historical artifacts through LibraryThing's media support and custom imports.

  • Small Libraries

    If you have a collection of anything under 20,000 items, there's a good chance you can use TinyCat to share and keep track of everything online, including circulation and patron data.

  • Businesses

    Law libraries, training libraries for staff, and reference libraries for customers all currently use the TinyCat system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use TinyCat?

TinyCat was made specially for tiny libraries with up to 20,000 items. Personal LibraryThing members can also use TinyCat.

Is TinyCat just for books?

TinyCat is the library management system for everything you have, from DVDs and CDs to audiobooks and ebooks. You can even catalog specialty items, like board games and electronics.

What are the technical requirements for my library to use TinyCat?

Since TinyCat is web-based, with no software to maintain or update, the technical requirements are simple: a modern web browser and an internet connection.

Do you have support?

You can send us an email anytime, and we have additional discussion forums on LibraryThing.

How are LibraryThing and TinyCat related?

TinyCat turns any public LibraryThing account into a full-featured library OPAC and ILS. Your visitors and patrons use TinyCat, and TinyCat manages your circulation and patron data. Cataloging—including copy-cataloging, importing MARC records and editing records—is always done on LibraryThing.

Is TinyCat done?

No way! We're always working to improve TinyCat and we welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to grow.

Powered by LibraryThing

Since 2005, LibraryThing has been the leader in home cataloging, but it’s too big, open, and social for small library patrons.

Started in 2016, TinyCat transforms your collection in LibraryThing into a simple and attractive small library catalog. With over 4,900 sources for cataloging information, LibraryThing is a wealth of data for and about your library. TinyCat allows you to share that data with your patrons.

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