Interrupted Time Series Analysis

by David McDowall

Paper Book, 1980



Call number

HA 30.3 .M24 1980 c.1


SAGE Publications, Inc (1980), Edition: 1, 96 pages


Describes ARIMA or Box Tiao models, widely used in the analysis of interupted time series quasi-experiments, assuming no statistical background beyond simple correlation. The principles and concepts of ARIMA time series analyses are developed and applied where a discrete intervention has impacted a social system. ′...this is the kind of exposition I wished I had had some ten years ago when venturing into the world of autoregressive, moving-average (ARIMA) models of time-series analysis...This monograph nicely lays out a method for assessing the impact of a discrete policy or event of some importance on behavior which can be continuously observed...If widely used, as I hope, it will save a generation of social scientists from the labor of having to learn this methodology the hard way...′ -- Helmut Norpoth, State University of New York… (more)

Physical description

96 p.; 22 cm

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