Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art: An Anthology

by Nora A. Taylor

Other authorsBoreth Ly (Editor)
Paperback, 2012



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Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications (United States)


This anthology explores artistic practices and works from a diverse and vibrant region. Scholars, critics, and curators offer their perspectives on Southeast Asian art and artists, aiming not to define the field but to Illuminate its changing nature and Its Interactions with creative endeavors and histories originating elsewhere. These essays examine a range of new and modern work, from sculptures that Invoke post-conflict trauma In Cambodia to Thai art Installations that Invite audience participation and thereby challenge traditional definitions of the "art obJect." In this way, the authors not only provide a lively stUdy of regional art, but challenge and expand broad debates about international and transnational art.

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280 p.; 9.9 inches



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