Charley Independents: No Soul For Sale

by Cecilia Alemani (Editor)

Other authorsMassimiliano Gioni (Editor), Maurizio Cattelan (Editor), Ali Subotnick (Editor)
Paperback, 2011



Call number



Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art


Charley Independents is a resource compendium on the numerous international artist collectives and curatorial organizations that are initiating unusual strategies for the distribution of art and devising new modes of participation. Published as an installation of Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni and Ali Subotnick's shapeshifting Charley series, it represents the work of more than 80 nonprofit spaces, independent institutions, curatorial offices and artist collectives, from all corners of the world: 98 Weeks Research Project in Beirut, Arrow Factory in Beijing, Capacete Entertainment in Rio de Janeiro, Cemeti Art House in Indonesia, Le Dictateur in Milan, Empty Purse Publications in Brooklyn, FormContent in London, Hell Gallery in Melbourne, Invisible Academy in Bangkok, Latitudes in Barcelona, Light Industry in Brooklyn, Mono.kultur in Berlin, Collective Parasol in Kyoto, Post-Museum in Singapore, Scrawl Collective in London, Thisisnotashop in Dublin, Transformer in Washington, D.C., in Prague, X Initiative in New York and many others.… (more)



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