Song Dong & Yin Xiuzhen: The Way of Chopsticks

by Sarah Archer (Editor)

Paperback, 2014



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Philadelphia Art Alliance, PA, USA


Masters of Craft: Philadelphia's American Craft Council Fellows is a multi-venue series of exhibitions honoring Fellows of the American Craft Council who have had considerable impact on the Philadelphia region. In addition, this series of exhibitions is a major feature of the city-wide initiative Craft NOW I Philadelphia, and includes the participation of our organizations along with The Center for Art in Wood, The Clay Studio, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The ACC College of Fellows are composed of craftspeople that have made significant contributions to the field of craft in the United States, with over 25 years of practice in their respective disciplines. The Philadelphia region has been widely recognized for its rich history and accomplishments in the field of craft, which is reflected in the number of artists who have become part of the ACC College of Fellows.… (more)



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