Archaeology of Knowledge and The Discourse on Language

by Michel Foucault

Paperback, 2010



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Vintage Books / A Division of Random House (2010), Paperback


Madness, sexuality, power, knowledge--are these facts of life or simply parts of speech? In a series of works of astonishing brilliance, historian Michel Foucault excavated the hidden assumptions that govern the way we live and the way we think.   The Archaeology of Knowledge begins at the level of "things aid" and moves quickly to illuminate the connections between knowledge, language, and action in a style at once profound and personal. A summing up of Foucault's own methodological assumptions, this book is also a first step toward a genealogy of the way we live now.   Challenging, at times infuriating, it is an absolutely indispensable guide to one of the most innovative thinkers of our time.

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0394711068 / 9780394711065
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