Art in Theory : 1900-1990 - an Anthology of Changing Ideas

by Charles and Wood Harrison, Paul (editors)

Paperback, 1996



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Blackwell (1996), Paperback


Art in Theory 1815-1900 is the most wide-ranging and comprehensive collection of documents ever assembled on 19th century theories of art. Like its highly successful companion volume, Art in Theory 1900-1990, this indispensable volume provides the documentary material for informed and up-to-date study. Its 236 texts, clear organization, and considerable editorial content help to create the essential guide to art theory of the period. The anthology also provides a view of the wider cultural debates of the 19th century, and the development of modern aesthetic theories. Art in Theory combines writings by artists, critics, philosophers, and literary figures -- some reprinted in their entirety, others excerpted from longer works. About 1/3 of the material is composed of new translations, with texts drawn from French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Russian sources. It examines a broad range of themes including concepts of genius and originality, modes of landscape painting, approaches to Realism, the question of Modernity and debates over Impressionism, theories of optics and color, the aesthetics of photography, and the rise of photography. Each section is prefaced by an essay that situates the ideas of the period in their historical context, while relating theoretical concerns and debates to developments in the practice of art. Each text is briefly introduced by an outline giving the circumstances of its original appearance and indicating its relevance to the development of modern artistic theory. An extensive bibliography is also provided.… (more)

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