Fresh Cream

by Gilda Williams (ed.)

Hardcover, 2000



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Phaidon Press (2000), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 654 pages


Fresh Creamis an international 'who's who' of the new 'crème de la crème' of artists selected by 10 of the world's most influential art critics. Cream, published by Phaidon in 1998, was a sensational cultural event. Fresh Creamconsolidates the biennial status of Creamas a frame of reference and an essential source of new art for art professionals and newcomers alike. Pursuing the theme of its predecessor, with 10 new world-class contemporary curators each choosing ten emerging artists, the book presents in its entirety the works of 100 artists and an up-to-the-minute global overview of the contemporary art world, not only for now but also for the future. These artists have risen to intense international acclaim since the 1990s or, in the opinion of the curators who have selected them, are about to emerge internationally in the near future. Fresh Creamcontains the enormous breadth of ideas and forms that exist in contemporary art. The artists' spreads are arranged in an A-Z order, featuring numerous examples of each artist's work alongside a concise text from the selecting curator and vital biographical information about the artist. A conversation between the 10 curators and the commissioning editor gives a penetrative insight into their selections and of the key issues in contemporary art. The cultural context in which the artists work - from philosophy to fiction - is presented through recent texts from 10 contemporary writers, one selected by each curator. Itself embodying the creative originality and innovation of its content, Fresh Creamis packaged in an incredible, inflated, clear plastic pillow.… (more)

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654 p.; 7.5 inches



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