Chinese Artists: Texts and Interviews: Chinese Contemporary Art Awards 2004

by Hou Hanru

Paperback, 2006



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Blue Kingfisher (2006), Edition: Bilingual, 181 pages


...since the last revolution of the arts at the end of the 60s, there has been no subversive art; good artists, yes, but the subcutaneous rebelliousness has disappeared in the west, and that explains my interest in China. Whether work is traditionally painted or sculptured, whether painting is undermined by rolloing picture scrolls or by videos, subversiveness is always part of the message. This may be explained by the context: artists who stay in the country want to change things and want to gain freedom of action... --Harald Szeemann Revolution, subversion, and rebellion run throughout this compilation of interviews with, texts on, and works by the 23 artists who won the Chinese Contemporary Art Awards between 1998 and 2002. Jurists included Harald Szeeman, Alanna Heiss, Hou Hanru, Li Xianting and Uli Sigg.… (more)

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