Skulptur Projekte Munster 2017

by Marianne Wagner (Curator)

Other authorsKasper Konig (Curator), Britta Peters (Curator)
Paperback, 2017



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LWL-Museum fur Kunst und Kultur


For 40 years, the Skulptur Projekte M nster has been a unique engine for contemporary art.Held every ten years, its curatorial direction has been in the hands of Kasper K nig since its inception in 1977. International artists are invited to develop site-related works for M nster. The projects are as diverse as the artists themselves, going beyond the specific location to engage with global themes, contemporary notions of sculpture and ongoing questions relating to the public space in times of increasing digitization. The fifth edition of the Skulptur Projekte, opening in summer 2017, features 30 new artistic positions moving between sculpture, installation and performance art. This publication, produced in conjunction with the show, is a combination of exhibition catalog and guide, presented in a handy format. Seven essays, an extensive series of images and short texts provide information about the projects.… (more)



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