Envisioning Diaspora: Asian American Visual Arts Collectives

by Alexandra Chang

Other authorsMargo Machida (Author)
Paperback, 2009



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Timezone 8 (2009), Edition: New edition, 265 pages


A defrocked priest embarks on an epic odyssey through the afterlife in search of answers to life's Ultimate QuestionWhat lies Beyond, and what does it hold for humanity? The Knowledge of Good & Evil is an odyssey of one man driven to penetrate the barrier of death and return alive with its secrets... . Ian Baringer has never fully recovered from losing his parents in a horrific accident. Despite the help of Angela Weber, the brilliant psychologist who loves him, he's in the grip of an obsession. He must know for certain if the soul survives death. And incredibly, he's found a way. But trespassing the afterlife unleashes a disastrous chain of events, leaving Ian and Angela but one choice: Defy the gates of heaven and hell to steal a Knowledge hidden from the world since the dawn of creation.… (more)

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