Welcome to the Artist Book Collection at Paper Machine, New Orleans, LA! Thank you for your patience as we construct our online catalog.

The Artist Book Collection at Paper Machine (ABC@PM) houses a rich resource of artist’s books for the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Envisioned as a teaching collection, ABC@PM collects artists’ books in all media, editioned and one-of-a-kind, on all variety of subject matter. Interdisciplinary by nature, artists’ books move through the crossroads of visual art, literary art, graphic design, printmaking, bookbinding, papermaking, and publishing. ABC@PM is particularly interested in books in which the structure and actions of reading are integral to the content and the ideas within. One of the most unique aspects of this collection is its extreme accessibility. ABC@PM is open to the public with no appointments necessary. Visitors are welcome to enter the collection room, read and handle any of the books, and browse the shelves at leisure.
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