La République bourgeoise, de Thermidor à Brumaire, 1794-1799

by Denis Woronoff

Paper Book, 1972



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[Paris] Éditions du Seuil [1972]


This is the third of a three-volume series books on the French Revolution, which aims to provide an up-to-date synthesis of the latest research and to highlight recent controversies. The period covered by Denis Woronoff extends from the fall of Robespierre to the rise to power of Napoleon Bonaparte, a period that to some seems to have unfolded in a minor key. But this interlude between two epic period is crucial for a proper understanding of contemporary France: one can trace here the extraordinary tenacity with which the republican bourgeoisie maintained its hold on power, and how 'respectable citizens' searched ceaselessly for 'the means of termianting the Revolution' to their own benefit. Originally published in French as La République bourgeoise de Thermidor à Brumaire (1794-1799), this translation by Julian Jackson offers a succinct and comprehensive introduction to five quixotic years of struggle and uncertainty, which led into the age of Napoleon.… (more)


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250 p.; 18 cm
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