Raging Bull Vanilla [Import anglais]

by Martin Scorsese (Director)

Other authorsPeter Savage (Writer), Paul Schrader (Writer), Robert De Niro (Interprète principal), Robert De Niro (Actor), Joseph Carter (Writer), Mardik Martin (Writer), Frank Vincent (Actor), Irwin Winkler (Producteur), Joe Pesci (Actor), Cathy Moriarty (Interprète principal), Cathy Moriarty (Actor)3 more, Nicholas Colasanto (Actor), Jake LaMotta (Writer), Hal W. Polaire (Producteur)
DVD, 2000



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Twentieth Century Fox (2001)


Robert DeNiro stars as Jake LaMotta, the controversial prize fighter of the 1940's. Shows his life from the beginning and as he fights his way up the ranks and earns the reputation as the "Raging Bull," a fighter who can't be stopped.

User reviews

LibraryThing member comfypants
A boxer is an abusive jackass.

It has some redeeming value, a handful of nice scenes. 90% of the movie is just tedious, though. He's a jackass, then he does some boxing, then he's a jackass some more, wash, rinse, repeat. Oh, except that in the second half of the movie there's no more boxing. I have no idea why this guy is the jackass he is; he just starts that way and keeps going without change or break though the whole movie. I have even less idea why Scorsese thinks we should care about his life.

Concept: C
Story: F
Characters: F
Dialog: B
Pacing: D
Cinematography: B
Special effects/design: D
Acting: B
Music: C

Enjoyment: D

GPA: 1.6/4
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