Ramsès, tome 4 : La Dame d'Abou Simbel

by Christian Jacq

Paperback, 1998






Pocket (1998), 399 pages


Despite the tremendous shock of the Battle of Kadesh, Ramses has not managed to bring the formidable Hittite might to its knees. Rather than continue the struggle, he decides to engage in negotiation.But more important than anything to Ramses is the love he bears the Great Royal Consort, and he decides to offer Nefertari the most fabulous of gifts: at Abu Simbel two temples will be built - symbols of their eternal love. Meanwhile shadows are gathering, from Nubia to the sovereign's own capital of Pi-Ramses and Ramses must come face to face with Moses, the childhood friend whom he had lost sight of for so many years: Moses, who has returned to Egypt to demand the exodus of the Hebrew people.

User reviews

LibraryThing member hlselz
4th book of the series of Ramses. I don't know why I kept reading them, for they are not very good! Once you pop...
LibraryThing member Saieeda
This was an excellent book. The history was quite accurate as were the everyday activities. The characters were multi-dimensional unlike many historical fictions involving royalty. There was enough action and intrigue to interest all readers. The writing style was fantastic.
LibraryThing member pauliharman
Perhaps the most depressing and downbeat book in the series so far. A book about loss - Ramses loses people close to him, and this volume also briefly covers the flight of the Hebrews from Egypt, downplaying the biblical story and yet portraying a matter-of-fact believable set of events which one could imagine being the basis of mythology grown up around it.… (more)


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