La Prochaine fois

by Marc Levy

Other, 2004





Robert Laffont (2004), Edition: Robert Laffont, 288 pages


Jonathan Gardner es especialista en arte y vive obsesionado con la obra de un pintor ruso, Vladimir Radskin. Cuando está a punto de casarse, su vida da un giro inesperado: la desaparecida obra maestra de Radskin ha sido hallada y va a subastarse en Londre

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LibraryThing member vguy
Lightweight easy read. Plot is far fetched and characterisation minimal. Unlikely story of a lost Russian artist and his even more lost masterpiece, with reincarnation, time travel and DNA evidence thrown in. Got sort of involving towards the end, just about when i'd given up. How this sort of tosh sells in the millions baffles me; well if Dan Browne and J Archer can do it...… (more)


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288 p.; 9.49 inches


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