La Ville de nulle part

by Alison Lurie

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Paperback, 1990



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Rivages (1990), 353 pages


A young couple from New England's Ivy League plunges into a culture clash during a year in Los Angeles When his mentor at Harvard University suddenly leaves for Washington, Paul Cattleman finds himself adrift in the wilds of academia. He's lost his fellowship position for the fall semester, can find work only in what he considers to be intellectual cesspits-schools that would brand the young history professor as forever unsuitable for the Ivy League-and he's one thesis short of a PhD. Rather than doom his career, he takes a temporary job in Los Angeles, a city whose superficial charms signal an adventure. He is ready to make the best of his year out west. The only thing holding him back is his wife. Katherine is a New Englander through and through, and as soon as she steps into the LA smog, she knows this transition will be a struggle. What Paul sees as fun, she considers vulgar. But while Los Angeles may be a cultural wasteland, this East Coast girl will find that West Coast pleasures can be quite a lot of fun. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Alison Lurie including rare images from the author's collection.… (more)

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LibraryThing member SeriousGrace
New Englanders Paul and Katherine move to Los Angeles so that Paul can write the history of a rather large (and secretive) corporation. Paul has been hired by them (as a historian) to write this book for them, yet there are all sorts of confidentiality issues. Katherine hates LA. From the moment she arrives her sinuses have been acting up and she hates everything and nearly everyone around her...including her husband. Paul is the polar opposite and in his exuberance for the city and culture, finds himself involved with a local bohemian artist/waitress. Soon, Paul's new life spins out of control while Katherine has a more gradual, precise metamorphosis. It's no surprise that in the end it's Katherine who loves L.A. and Paul who can't wait to leave. It is hard to drum up sympathy for either character. Right from the start Katherine comes across as overly whiny and Paul is eager to have his first Californication affair. Of course there are movie stars and counter-culture characters that make the rest of the plot lively.… (more)
LibraryThing member LARA335
Young New England couple move to Los Angeles. Novel about how the city reveals their relationship.


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