Les Jardins de lumière

by Amin Maalouf

Other, 1991



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Jean-Claude Lattès (1991), Edition: JC LATTES, 338 pages


Historisk roman fra Mesopotamien i 200-tallet.

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LibraryThing member soylentgreen23
Not much is known about the prophet Mani, who lived during the reign of the Sassanian Ardashir. Maalouf takes what little can be pieced together of his life and embellishes it with incidental, cultural details; the effect works well, and we are spared an exaggerated account of Mani's goodness. An interesting read.
LibraryThing member Miguelnunonave
Captivating account of a world long gone, of a unique character (Mani) and the origins of a single life philosophy (Manicheïsm). Immensely enjoyable and highly cultivated reading.
LibraryThing member stef7sa
Interesting and enjoyable read about the prophet Mani who lived in the 3rd century AD and tried to peaceful unifying religion. Based on finds about his person in 1969. A convincing retelling, moving at the end. Fits in with the author's beliefs on integration.
LibraryThing member Libraryish2
This story creates a window to a lost world. Mani's taught love, tolerance and wisdom for his fellow human beings.


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