Simple French Food

by Richard Olney

Other authorsPatricia Wells (Introduction), James Beard (Foreword)
Paperback, 1992


Call number

French -- OLN

Call number

French -- OLN


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (1992), Edition: 1St Edition, Paperback, 448 pages


Richard Olney was considered a culinary genius for his ability to elevate cooking to a practical art. He wrote evocatively about the beauty and pleasure in cooking by focusing on preparing simple foods well. This new edition of his classic cookbook includes a fresh cover, new interior design, and a foreword by Mark Bittman--so that a whole new generation of food lovers can enjoy this inspiring book. Olney's 175 recipes are so straightforward that cooks will be inspired to go right into the kitchen: herb omelets, fish with zucchini, lamb shanks with garlic, and many more. He also shares techniques (several featuring his own illustrations), such as fermenting vinegar, in line with the back-to-basics trend in cooking. Olney's emphasis on simplicity and improvisation in cooking will resonate with today's cooks and food lovers.… (more)


Physical description

448 p.; 6.07 x 1.12 inches

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