The Latin Road Home: Savoring the Foods of Ecuador, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, and Peru

by Jose Garces

Hardcover, 2012


Call number

Latino, South American -- GAR

Call number

Latino, South American -- GAR


Lake Isle Press (2012), Edition: 9.8.2012, Hardcover, 384 pages


Beginning in Ecuador, ancestral home to his family and the foods nearest to his heart, Garces celebrates the traditional recipes of his childhood. The book makes its way through Spain, Cuba, Mexico, and Peru—extraordinary cuisines Garces has come to know, love, and master. He shares not only recipes, but colorful memories of local cultures and insights into their unique ingredients and techniques. The cookbook features over 100 recipes tailored to the home cook, accompanied by over 100 food and travel photographs that truly immerse the reader.


Physical description

384 p.; 10.15 inches

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