The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

by Diane Phillips

Paperback, 2011


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Special Equipment -- PHI

Call number

Special Equipment -- PHI


Chronicle Books (2011), Paperback, 480 pages


What's the newest secret weapon for people who want hearty, slow-cooked food but don't have hours to spend in the kitchen? You guessed it the pressure cooker! Anyone with a taste for good, filling food made quickly will find the pressure cooker indispensable for getting dinner on the table. And this welcome guide will help them do it with more than 400 easy-to-follow recipes from stocks and sauces to vegetables and tender meats, and even elegant desserts like creme brulee plus tips on selecting and safely using pressure cookers. This authoritative compendium offers a modern take on a tried-and-true method, with recipes that prove that less cooking time doesn't mean less delicious. Who knew cooking could relieve so much pressure?


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480 p.; 9.4 inches

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