Helen Chen's Chinese Home Cooking

by Helen Chen

Paperback, 1996


Call number

Chinese -- CHE

Call number

Chinese -- CHE


Morrow Cookbooks (1996), Edition: Reissue, Paperback, 368 pages


"Why doesn't the Chinese food I make at home taste like the food in Chinese restaurants?" Now it can. Helen Chen learned how to cook simple, homestyle Chinese food from her mother, Joyce Chen, founder of the successful cookware company that bears her name. All your favorite Chinese dishes are here -- Peking Ravioli; Cold Noodles, Szechuan Style; Moo Shi Pork; and Sweet and Sour Shrimp-along with new classics -- Shanghai-style Pork Chops; Crystal Shrimp; and Steamed Salmon with Black Beans, And because the Chinese don't use a lot of oil when they cook at home, these dishes are far lower in fat than Chinese food served in restaurants. These recipes rely on stir-frying more than deep-frying, steaming more than roasting, and on readily available supermarket ingredients, and they use far less meat in favor of more fresh vegetables. If you love Chinese food for its quick cooking, economy, taste, nutrition, and variety, then you'll love having Helen Chen by your side.… (more)


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368 p.; 10.04 inches

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