The Art of Greek Cookery

by The Women of St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church

Other authorsArt Seiden (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1963


Call number

Rare - International -- WOM

Call number

Rare - International -- WOM


Doubleday (1963), Hardcover, 234 pages


The Greek's zest for good living, good food, and good wine has given his country a culinary art of great distinction. It is an infinitely interesting cuisine, yet little has been written of its intricacies and characteristic flavors. Recipes for the most part have been handed down from mother to daughter, without being formally recorded in a cookbook for modern Greek homemakers or for anyone else wishing to duplicate the dishes in his own kitchen. Today, more than ever, people are visiting Greece and the Greek Islands, returning with haunting memories of delicate pastries, skewered lamb flavored with oregano and garlic, tantalizing casseroles, and delicious vegetables bathed in rich golden sauces. They, as well as many American home-makers with an inquisitive palate and a desire to increase their repertoire of cooking, will find infinite pleasure between the pages of this book. The Art of Greek Cookery is composed of family recipes, tested and perfected in American kitchens for American cooks. Many dishes nearly forgotten through the years have been included. Some of the mouth-watering recipes are the famous Greek dessert baklava, made with phyllo pastry, nuts, and honey; dolmadakia, stuffed grape vine leaves; moussaka, the popular eggplant and meat dish; and pastichio, made with macaroni, meat, and a rich cream sauce. Also included are special menus; a shopper's guide; an authoritative explanation of Greek feast days, customs, and traditions; and a calendar of major Greek feast days and holidays. The book is delightfully illustrated by Art Seiden. Here is a wholly authentic book on Greek cuisine.… (more)


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234 p.; 8.3 inches

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