Pick a Pickle: 50 Recipes for Pickles, Relishes, and Fermented Snacks

by Hugh Acheson

Paperback, 2014


Call number

Canning, Preserving, Pickling -- ACH

Call number

Canning, Preserving, Pickling -- ACH


Potter Style (2014), Paperback, 104 pages


From Hugh Acheson's Southern kitchen, a swatchbook containing 50 tangy pickle, condiment, relish, and fermented recipes, to put up seasonal produce and fill the pantry. Simply fan out the pages for recipes including: Classic Bread 'n' Butter Pickles, Icebox Dill Pickles, Pickled Peaches, Classic Chow Chow, Green Tomoato Relish, Classic Cabbage Kimchi, and more!


Physical description

104 p.; 3.57 inches

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