Providence & Rhode Island Cookbook: Big Recipes from the Smallest State

by Linda Beaulieu

Paperback, 2012


Call number

American - Northeast -- BEA

Call number

American - Northeast -- BEA


Globe Pequot Press (2012), Edition: 2nd Revised edition, 304 pages


Jonnycakes, gaggers, and stuffies are not typically found on restaurant menus. Chorizo, quahogs, and coffee cabinets are uncommon as well. In the diners, restaurants, and homes of Rhode Island, however, these foods are well known and part of a vibrant food subculture. With a population of barely one million people, Rhode Island has a surprising number of local dishes, food traditions, and culinary terms that are unique to the state. Author Linda Beaulieu explores the food of Rhode Island, especially in and around Providence, and discusses how such a small state can have so many big flavors. In The Providence and Rhode Island Cookbook, the author shares recipes from talented chefs, family, and friends. These recipes highlight the bounty of native seafood and produce, as well as celebrate the ethnic mix of people and the characters who have populated the state over time. Find recipes for Buddy Cianci's Marinara Sauce or Linguine a la Nirope (Nirope stands for Nick, Ron, and Pete Cardi, local businessmen and owners of the Cardi furniture chain); make a Wimpy Skimpy (spinach pie); and discover why Rhode Island chowder is like none other.… (more)


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304 p.; 7.5 x 0.75 inches

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