Thug Kitchen Party Grub: For Social Motherf*ckers

by Thug Kitchen

Hardcover, 2015


Call number

Vegetarian/Vegan -- THU

Call number

Vegetarian/Vegan -- THU


Rodale Books (2015), 256 pages


Cooking & Food. Nonfiction. HTML:From the duo behind the New York Times bestseller Bad Manners: The Official Cookbook come healthy crowd-pleasing recipes to entertain with attitude (previously published as Thug Kitchen Party Grub: For Social Motherf*ckers). Bad Manners: Party Grub answers the question that they have heard most from their fans: How the hell are you supposed to eat healthy when you hang around with a bunch of assholes who couldn�??t care less about what they stuff in their face? The answer: You make a bomb-ass plant-based dish from Bad Manners. Featuring over 100 recipes for every occasion, Party Grub combines exciting, healthy food with easy-to-follow directions and damn entertaining commentary. From appetizers like Deviled Chickpea Bites to main events like Mexican Lasagna, Party Grub is here to make sure you�??re equipped with dishes to bring the flavor without a side of fat, calories, and guilt. Also included are cocktail recipes, because sometimes these parties need a pick-me-up of the liquid va… (more)


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256 p.; 7.71 inches

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