The Complete Mushroom Book: The Quiet Hunt

by Antonio Carluccio

Hardcover, 2003


Call number

Vegetables, Roots -- CAR

Call number

Vegetables, Roots -- CAR


Rizzoli (2003), 224 pages


Antonio Carluccio, known as "the mushroom man," has been gathering, cooking, and devising recipes for mushrooms for more than sixty years. In The Complete Mushroom Book, this award-winning Italian chef brings together more than 150 recipes that show off the strengths and subtleties of widely available varieties. Mushrooms contribute tremendous flavor without adding significant fat or calories, and here you'll find dishes from classic to contemporary, from Asian to Italian -- accompanied by stunning photography. You'll learn how best to pair different varieties with cooking methods and other ingredients, as well as the uses of dried and preserved mushrooms. For those who want to join in the thrill of collecting their own mushrooms -- "the quiet hunt" -- The Complete Mushroom Book includes an illustrated field guide for North America. This section provides detailed descriptions of all the major species to help distinguish between edible wild mushrooms and their poisonous, look-alike relatives. Fruity, buttery, nutty, spicy -- mushrooms can offer a surprising spectrum of flavors. They can enrich your cooking with an earthy sensuality unlike anything else. Let The Complete Mushroom Book be your guide to reaping the pleasures of these delectable gems of the forest. Book jacket.… (more)


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