A Modern Way to Eat: 200 Satisfying Vegetarian Recipes (That Will Make You Feel Amazing)

by Anna Jones

Hardcover, 2015


Call number

Vegetarian, Vegan -- JON

Call number

Vegetarian, Vegan -- JON


Ten Speed Press (2015), 352 pages


"A beautifully photographed and modern vegetarian cookbook packed with quick, healthy, and fresh recipes that explore the full breadth of vegetarian ingredients--grains, nuts, seeds, and seasonal vegetables--from Jamie Oliver's London-based food stylist and writer Anna Jones. How we want to eat is changing. More and more people cook without meat several nights a week and are constantly seeking to push the boundaries of their own vegetarian repertoire. At the same time, people want food that is a little lighter, healthier, and easier on our wallets, and that relies less on dairy and gluten. Based on how Anna likes to eat day to day--from a blueberry and amaranth porridge, to a quick autumn root panzanella, to a pistachio and squash galette--A Modern Way to Eat is a cookbook for how we want to eat now. "--… (more)


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352 p.; 7.71 inches

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