Aida Mollenkamp's Keys to the Kitchen: The Essential Reference for Becoming a More Accomplished, Adventurous Cook

by Aida Mollenkamp

Other authorsAlex Farnum (Photographer)
Hardcover, 2012


Call number

General Cookbooks -- MOL

Call number

General Cookbooks -- MOL


Chronicle Books (2012), 448 pages


Food Network and Cooking Channel star Aida Mollenkamp lays an invaluable foundation for cooks inHow to Be in the Kitchen. This comprehensive manual collects more than 300 innovative, contemporary recipes as well as color photographs, plenty of informative illustrations, a substantial technique primer, and helpful how-to information on subjects as wide-ranging as rust removal, throwing a cocktail party, and knife skills. For members of the tech-savvy new generation who can't cook but want to, this essential reference guide makes an ideal starting place and for those already at ease in the kitchen it's full of"who knew" moments for expanding their repertoire of great recipes.


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448 p.; 7.5 inches

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