How to Dry Foods: The Most Complete Guide to Drying Foods at Home

by Deanna DeLong

Paperback, 2006


Call number

Canning/Preserving/Pickling -- DEL

Call number

Canning/Preserving/Pickling -- DEL


HP Books (2006), Edition: Revised ed., 224 pages


When you dry food, you're saving everything: energy, nutrients, money, and, best of all, taste. This step-by-step guide to drying all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and nuts is also the most comprehensive reference available for methods of drying and home dehydrating equipment. The only book needed to master this age-old culinary tradition, How to Dry Foods includes: Step-by-step instructions on how to dry a wide variety of foods Updated information about equipment and drying techniques More than 100 delicious recipes, from main courses to desserts and more Helpful charts and tables for at-a-glance reference Food safety tips Clever crafts that are made from dried foods


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