The Best of the Best from Tennessee Cookbook: Selected Recipes From Tennessee's Favorite Cookbooks (Best of the Best State Cookbook) (Best of the Best Cookbook)

by Gwen McKee

Other authorsGwen McKee (Editor), Barbara Moseley (Editor), Tupper England (Illustrator)
Paper Book, 2005


Call number

Regional--American-Souther MCK

Call number

Regional--American-Souther MCK


Quail Ridge Press (2005), 286 pages


Each cookbook in Quail Ridge Press' acclaimed Best of the Best State Cookbook Series contains favorite recipes submitted from the most popular cookbooks published in the state. The cookbooks are contributed by junior leagues, community organizations, popular restaurants, noted chefs, and just plain good cooks. From best-selling favorites to small community treasures, each contributing cookbook is featured in a catalog section that provides a description and ordering information -- a bonanza for anyone who collects cookbooks.Beautiful photographs, interesting facts, original illustrations and delicious recipes capture the special flavor of each state.


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