The Mom 100 Cookbook: 100 Recipes Every Mom Needs in Her Back Pocket

by Katie Workman

Paperback, 2012


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Kids/Family -- WOR

Call number

Kids/Family -- WOR


Workman Publishing Company (2012), Edition: 1, 352 pages


Cooking & Food. Nonfiction. HTML:Introducing the lifesaving cookbook for every mother with kids at home�the book that solves the 20 most common cooking dilemmas. What�s your predicament: breakfast on a harried school morning? The Mom 100�s got it�Personalized Pizzas are not only fast but are nutritious, and hey, it doesn�t get any better than pizza for breakfast. Kids making noise about the same old lunch? The Mom 100�s got it�three different Turkey Wraps, plus a Wrap Blueprint delivers enough variety to last for years. Katie Workman, founding editor in chief of and mother of two school-age kids, offers recipes, tips, techniques, attitude, and wisdom for staying happy in the kitchen while proudly keeping it homemade�because homemade not only tastes best, but is also better (and most economical) for you. The Mom 100 is 20 dilemmas every mom faces, with 5 solutions for each: including terrific recipes for the vegetable-averse, the salad-rejector, for the fish-o-phobe, or the overnight vegetarian convert. �Fork-in-the-Road� variations make it easy to adjust a recipe to appeal to different eaters (i.e., the kids who want bland and the adults who don�t). �What the Kids Can Do� sidebars suggest ways for kids to help make each dish.… (more)


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352 p.; 7.5 inches

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