First Bite: How We Learn to Eat

by Bee Wilson

Hardcover, 2015


Call number

Culinary Literature -- WIL

Call number

Culinary Literature -- WIL


Basic Books (2015), Edition: 1, 352 pages


"In First Bite, acclaimed food historian Bee Wilson delves deep into the latest research from food psychologists, neuroscientists, and nutritionists to reveal that our food habits are shaped by family and culture, memory and gender, hunger and love. We do not come into the world with an innate sense of taste or nutrition as omnivores, we have to learn how and what to eat, how sweet is too sweet and what food will give us the most energy for the coming day. Drawing on the psychology of eating, she shows that it is possible, despite our dysfunctional food industry and habits, to feed ourselves better. The key, she reveals, is to learn to take pleasure in eating healthily"--


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352 p.; 6 inches
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