wd~50: The Cookbook

by Wylie Dufresne

Hardcover, 2017


Call number

Individual Chef -- DUF

Call number

Individual Chef -- DUF


Anthony Bourdain/Ecco (2017), Edition: Slp, 352 pages


The first cookbook from groundbreaking chef Wylie Dufresne--the story of wd~50, his pioneering restaurant on Manhattan's Lower East Side, and the dishes that made it famous When it opened in 2003, wd~50 was New York's most innovative, cutting-edge restaurant. Mastermind Wylie Dufresne ushered in a new generation of experimental and free-spirited chefs with his wildly unique approach to cooking, influenced by science, art, and the humblest of classic foods like bagels and lox, and American cheese. A cookbook that doubles as a time capsule, wd~50 explores one of the most exciting decades in modern culinary history through the lens of an unforgettable restaurant--one that was so distinctive that upon its closing in 2014, New York Times critic Pete Wells was inspired to compare it to the notorious music venue CBGB, "with way nicer bathrooms." With gorgeous photography, detailed recipes explaining Wylie's iconic creations, and stories from the last days of the restaurant, wd~50 is an essential piece of culinary memorabilia.… (more)


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352 p.; 9.38 inches
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