The Brazilian Table

by Yara Roberts

Hardcover, 2009


Call number

Latino, South American -- ROB

Call number

Latino, South American -- ROB


Gibbs Smith (2009), 208 pages


Brazil--exotic, sensual, mysterious--mingles pleasure with high energy, and its cuisine is no different. The recipes of The Brazilian Tablefrequently blend the native ingredients of manioc, cachaça, pequi, hearts of palm, and Dendê palm oil with the rich cultures of Portugal, Africa, Japan, the Middle East, and that of the indigenous population to create complex tastes that define this region of the world. A sample of the extraordinary cuisine includes Tucupi Duck Soup, Fish Paupiette with Crabmeat Brazilian-Style, Papaya Galette, Chicken Xim-Xim, Coconut Custard Bahía Way, Giló Puff Pastry Tart, and Guava Paste Soufflé. The Brazilian Tablewas a Julia Child First Book Award finalist and a finalist for the Gourmand International Cookbook Award.… (more)


Physical description

208 p.; 8.25 inches

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