Maangchi's Big Book of Korean Cooking: From Everyday Meals to Celebration Cuisine

by Maangchi

Hardcover, 2019


Call number

Korean -- MAA

Call number

Korean -- MAA


Rux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2019), 448 pages


Despite the huge popularity of Korean restaurants, there has been no comprehensive book on Korean cooking--until now.Maangchi's Big Book of Korean Cookingis a wide, deep journey to the heart of a food-obsessed culture. The book contains the favorite dishes Maangchi has perfected over the years, from Korean barbecue and fried chicken to bulgogi and bibimbap. It explores topics not covered in other Korean cookbooks, from the vegan fare of Buddhist mountain temples to the inventive snacks of street vendors to the healthful, beautiful lunch boxes Korean mothers make for their kids. Maangchi has updated and improved the traditional dishes, without losing their authentic spirit. Among the features: * Spectacular party food, from homemade clear rice liquor to sweet, spicy, sour baby back ribs * Side plates that support and complement every Korean meal * Soups, hotpots, and stews, from bone broth to tofu stews * An array of different kimchis * A detailed photographic chapter on Korean cooking techniques Hundreds of striking, full-color photos by Maangchi show Korean ingredients so the cook knows exactly what to buy, step-by-step techniques for each recipe, and tempting close-ups of every dish.… (more)


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448 p.; 7.94 inches

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