A Cookbook for Mommy & Me

by G&R Publishing

Paper Book, 2006


Call number

Kids/Family -- G&R

Call number

Kids/Family -- G&R


CQ Products (2006), Edition: 1st, 128 pages


A Cookbook for Mommy & Me You're tired of all the cooking ?It makes you so brain dead,It's lonely, tiresome work, you know,But then a little voice said? "Mommy, I want to help!" Sooner or later, your little ones will want to do more than make messes and gobble up all the food in the kitchen. They will be curious to know what you are doing and just how it is that you turn plain old ingredients into yummy snacks and meals! Welcome your Little Helper to the world of cooking and baking with open arms. Let's face it, you could use the company and what better way to spend time with your kids than to teach them something new! Who knows? You may have the next Julia Child running around your house! Why not take some time to bring forth creativity and foster new skills? That's right ? you and your Little Helper can be the perfect team ? measuring, mixing, spreading and decorating side by side. A Cookbook for Mommy & Me is full of fun recipes prepared by both Mommy and her Little Helper. And remember, when teaching all these new kitchen lessons to your child, don't forget to practice a little patience, imagination and laughter yourself! Stir up some fun!… (more)


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