Big Science for Little People: 52 Activities to Help You & Your Child Discover the Wonders of Science (An Official Geek Mama Guide)

by Lynn Brunelle

Paperback, 2016


Call number

Kids/Family -- BRU

Call number

Kids/Family -- BRU


Roost Books (2016), 144 pages


Introduce future engineers, inventors, naturalists, and artists to the physics and chemistry, biology and ecology behind everyday play. Create chemical reactions, explore gravity and friction, transform states of matter, play with air pressure, and much more through 52 simple experiments that zip and zoom, fly and fizz, bubble and burst. Geek mom Lynn Brunelle has created an interactive guide for both kids and their parents: the projects will engage children, and the informative lessons will help parents when asked the inevitable question, why? The projects include: the Exploding Lunch Bag (Will you get out of the way before the vinegar and baking soda react with a fizzy burst?); Seed Hunt (Seek out whirly, sticky, and smooth seeds for a science-filled outdoor adventure!); the Marshmallow Launcher (Harness energy to fling sugary treats in the name of science); and many more!… (more)


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144 p.; 5.6 inches
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