Bowls!: Recipes and Inspirations for Healthful One-Dish Meals (One Bowl Meals, Easy Meals, Rice Bowls)

by Molly Watson

Other authorsNicole Franzen (Photographer)
Hardcover, 2017


Call number

Rice, Beans, Grains, Corn -- WAT

Call number

Rice, Beans, Grains, Corn -- WAT


Chronicle Books (2017), 160 pages


Bowls are the new plates, featuring flavorsome combinations of nutritious grains, proteins, vegetables, a sauce, and something crunchy. It's a casual, comforting, satisfying way to eat lunch or dinner, and a delicious way to serve up healthy superfoods and probiotics. What makesBowls! different is that it offers a comprehensive strategy for tackling this fun new way to eat, including 26 full recipes perfect for bowls plus 90 recipes for mix-and-match components. And it leads with visual inspiration in the form of a photographic matrix of ideas, making this handy volume an ideal go-to for weeknight cooks and healthy eaters.


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