Healthy and Delicious Instant Pot: Inspired meals with a world of flavor

by America's Test Kitchen

Hardcover, 2021


Call number

ATK -- 2021

Call number

ATK -- 2021



America's Test Kitchen (2021), 224 pages


Cooking & Food. Nonfiction. HTML:Vegetables to the front: We�??ve flipped the traditional ratio on its head by keeping our protein portions small while making vegetables superabundant. Embrace the fresher side of Instant Pot cooking with satisfying meals and exciting flavors to invigorate weeknight dinner.   These wholesome recipes are easy�??over half ready in an hour or less�??yet are anything but predictable, with options that bring a variety of flavors to the table. Cook a wide range of cuisines and ingredients with meals that will leave you feeling nourished and energized: Steam fluffy Persian jeweled rice with pressure-poached chicken for an eye-catching dinner Pressure-cook fall-off-the-bone oxtails in an aromatic broth abundant with mustard greens to create authentic Hawaiian Oxtail Soup Poach haddock with tomatoes, escarole, and top it with crispy garlic for extra savoriness Perfectly sear chicken breasts, then pressure-cook with barley and butternut squash to create a creamy update on risotto We indicate calories per serving on each recipe page to help you easily choose dinner for the night. With newer models coming out every year, it�??s more important than ever to understand how your Instant Pot functions. ATK has tested across a range of models to make sure you won�??t have to settle for dry proteins or blown-out textures. We show you how to utilize your pot to add that crispy element, such as toasted croutons, garlic chips, and more for meals with varied textures. Plus, our intro chapter teaches you how to best troubleshoot issues to ensure that you�??re getting the best out of your Instant… (more)


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