Falling Off the Bone

by Jean Anderson

Hardcover, 2010


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Meat -- AND

Call number

Meat -- AND


Wiley (2010), Hardcover, 272 pages


Irresistible briases, pot roasts, soups, and stews so tender the meat falls off the bone New in paperback, Jean Anderson'sFalling Off the Bone offers a wide range of recipes for simple, delicious meat dishes just like grandma used to make, but updated for contemporary kitchens and tastes. With beautiful full-color photographs throughout, this cookbook shows just how mouthwateringly delicious simple home cooking can be. Falling Off the Bone dishes up quintessential comfort food--recipes that are ideal for virtually any tough cut of beef, pork, lamb, or veal. Anderson shows you how to use slow cooking methods like braising, pot-roasting, and simmering to coax amazing flavors out of the most common and affordable cuts. Features sumptuously photographed recipes for such soul-satisfying dishes as Beef Catalan, Ossobuco, Hassle-Free Oven Stew of Lamb with Peppers and Prosciutto, and Glazed Sweet-Sour Spareribs Perfect for cooks on a budget, these recipes make the most of affordable cuts of meat Written by one of America's most respected food writers and cookbook authors For anyone who wants to eat like a king on a penny-pincher's budget,Falling Off the Bone leads the way. It brims with nourishing comfort foods that are simple, delicious, and more tender than you ever dreamed possible.… (more)


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272 p.; 9.13 inches

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