The Naked Chef Takes Off

by Jamie Oliver

Paperback, 2005


Call number

Individual Chef -- OLI

Call number

Individual Chef -- OLI


Hyperion (2005), Paperback, 288 pages


Number one for over 5 months in Britain with The Naked Chef , the bestselling, brilliant Jamie Oliver is back with a brand spanking new book to accompany a second cracking BBC TV series. There is no doubt that Jamie has captured the hearts of the nation with his passion for simple, delicious, home-cooked food. His talent his huge, his style relaxed and his recipes divine. If you think cooking is boring or time-consuming or you haven't the confidence to chuck out those ready-made meals, let Jamie change all that for you. Here he returns to get you into the kitchen with his mouth-watering recipes and new angles on favourite dishes - from the most fantastic breakfasts, tapas and bevies to robust roasts, funky fish dishes and desserts to die for. Filled with fresh ingredients, pukka recipes and boundless enthusiasm, The Return of the Naked Chefis definitely something not to be missed.… (more)


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288 p.; 9.98 inches
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