Off The Shelf: Cooking From the Pantry

by Donna Hay

Paperback, 2001


Call number

Series -- HAY

Call number

Series -- HAY



Ecco (2001), Edition: First Edition, Paperback, 192 pages


A mouth-wateringly exciting book from Australia's most famous food writer and a dynamic, bestselling author. this book will give you the know-how and confidence to create a fabulous meal at short notice. It shows that with a well-stocked pantry and a handful of fresh ingredients, imaginative mealtime solutions are surprisingly easy to throw together. Each chapter takes a comprehensive look at a pantry basic - its origins, varieties, storage - and at a range of simple ideas for its use, before exploring its application in a range of modern, stylish recipes. While Donna provides plenty of practical advice, this is nevertheless a beautiful and inspirational book too, combining her simple, contemporary recipes with a unique visual style. this is the ultimate guide to getting your provisions sorted for everyday cookery, for unexpected guests and for special occasions. It is an essential handbook for every kitchen and, like all of Donna's previous books, is sure to become a modern kitchen staple.… (more)

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192 p.; 11.72 inches
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