Lauren Groveman's Kitchen: Nurturing Food for Family and Friends

by Lauren Groveman

Paperback, 2001


Call number

Individual Chef -- GRO

Call number

Individual Chef -- GRO


Chronicle Books (2001), Paperback, 528 pages


Lauren Groveman, host of the public television series "Home Cooking with Lauren Groveman," has perfected the art of cooking delicious, simple, homemade meals every day of the week--a luxury only dreamed of by most schedule-driven cooks. Lauren Groveman's Kitchen, revised and updated and now available at long last in paperback, makes them possible again with a comprehensive, inspiring book that reinvents cooking as a relaxing, creative, fulfilling activity for even the busiest people. Replete with expert advice on the basics as well as innovative twists on recipes drawn from a wide array of culinary traditions, this is the book that can teach both the novice and experienced cook how to make soul-satisfying meals ranging from the homey to the sophisticated. Detailed, clearly written instructions, tips on time management, and an entire chapter on bread making (not to mention several brand-new recipes!) are just some of the features that make this generous volume the most dog-eared, sauce-stained reference in every kitchen.… (more)


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528 p.; 9.16 inches

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