How to Peel a Peach: And 1,001 Other Things Every Good Cook Needs to Know

by Perla Meyers

Hardcover, 2004


Call number

Individual Chef -- MEY

Call number

Individual Chef -- MEY


Wiley (2004), Hardcover, 432 pages


"Every home cook has questions, and in this volume, cooking teacher and food writer Perla Meyers answers each one, taking on the most basic as well as the more complex questions on everything from kitchen equipment, pots, and utensils to pantry essentials. Part technical reference guide, part cookbook, How to Peel a Peach is a resource for common-sense solutions and satisfying recipes from Meyers, plus tips from famous chefs." "The creative process doesn't begin with a recipe - Meyers maintains that it starts at grocery stores, farmers' markets, and specialty shops, places where cooks gain an intimate knowledge of ingredients and equipment. She reveals the art of shopping, plus how to store and prepare everything from meat and game to vegetables, seafood, pasta, grains, and fruits - guidance that is essential for cooking intuitively."--BOOK JACKET.… (more)

Physical description

432 p.; 9.3 inches

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