Graham kerr's creative choices cookbook (A Minimax Book)

by Graham Kerr

Paperback, 1994


Call number

Individual Chef -- KER

Call number

Individual Chef -- KER


Perigee Trade (1994), Paperback, 210 pages


Graham Kerr is the award-winning author and popular television personality whose mission of helping people make creative and lasting changes in their lifestyles is the driving principle behind his successful cookbooks and television shows. Since 1973, through personal appearances and in the media, he has taken his message of combining sound nutrition with creative cooking to such diverse groups as the American Dietetic Association of Culinary Professionals. He has worked closely with medical and food professionals internationally in developing his unique style of healthy cooking. Kerr lives with his wife, Treena, on Camano Island, Washington.

Physical description

210 p.; 9.1 inches
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