Emeril's Delmonico: A Restaurant with a Past

by Emeril Lagasse

Hardcover, 2005


Call number

Individual Chef -- LAG

Call number

Individual Chef -- LAG


William Morrow Cookbooks (2005), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 288 pages


For more than 100 years, Delmonico has embodied the spirit of New Orleans. First opened in 1895, Delmonico Restaurant and Bar in New Orleans reopened its doors a century later to tremendous acclaim as Emeril's Delmonico. In his latest cookbook, America's favorite celebrity chef presents a collection of recipes that are adapted and simplified for home cooks, featuring a combination of Creole classics and Emeril's kicked-up creations. Emeril's Delmonico is full of recipes for hearty, innovative food steeped in New Orleans style. Illustrated with both contemporary full-color and vintage black-and-white photographs, Emeril's Delmonico paints a lively, evocative portrait of Emeril's classic cuisine and the rich culinary history of New Orleans.

Physical description

288 p.; 9.24 inches

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