Delilah's Everyday Soul: Southern Cooking With Style

by Delilah Winder

Hardcover, 2006


Call number

American - Southern -- WIN

Call number

American - Southern -- WIN


Running Press (2006), Hardcover, 288 pages


In Delilah’s Everyday Soul, chef Delilah Winder shares the Southern-inspired recipes that helped earn her the devotion of many, including television’s Oprah Winfrey, the NFL’s Donovan McNabb, and music’s Patti LaBelle. Sharing more than 100 of her favorite recipes and the stories behind them, Delilah reaches back to her roots and forward to future generations of soul food lovers with her fun, eclectic recipes. For Delilah, Southern food comes from the heart and touches the soul. The recipes in Delilah's Everyday Soul are arranged by occasion and accented with special memories, tips, and suggestions for preparing and serving. They feature traditional soul food like Delilah’s delectable fried chicken and strawberry lemonade, and also include more modern renditions of the fare, plus alternative ingredients for those who want to try healthier versions of the spectacular recipes.… (more)

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288 p.; 10.1 inches

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