Anne Willan's Cook It Right

by Anne Willan

Hardcover, 1998


Call number

Individual Chef -- WIL

Call number

Individual Chef -- WIL


Readers Digest (1998), Hardcover, 320 pages


Anne Willan, founder and president of La Varenne Cooking School, has years of experience teaching cooking and compiling cookbooks. In Cook It Right, she precisely defines the perfect states of readiness for over 150 types of ingredients and recipes, each clearly illustrated in color photographs. Willan recognizes that perfect results are elusive, and she gives the reader easy last-minute solutions and useful hints in every section. Whatever the problem, her Quick Fix boxes provide clever ways of turning failure into success - with a flourish. For example, you can transform bland-tasting shellfish into a delicious seafood salad or add it to a pasta sauce. Poultry overcooked? Slice it into long, thick slices and serve with a piquant Oriental dipping sauce. This down-to-earth advice gives the reader the confidence to tackle any type of ingredient.… (more)


Physical description

320 p.; 11.1 inches

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