Modern Classics (Book 1)

by Donna Hay

Paperback, 2002


Call number

Series -- HAY

Call number

Series -- HAY



Ecco (2002), Paperback, 192 pages


Donna Hay updates the timeless classics and establishes some modern ones. If you love to cook or want to learn how, best-selling author Donna Hay's modern classics book 1 is destined to become the most indispensable cookbook you've ever owned. the focus is on classic savoury dishes cooked with a modern edge, with definitive recipes for everything from soups and salads, roasts and pies to pasta, noodles and rice. modern classics book 1 also features cooking tips and tricks, short cuts and essential cooking tools, all superbly photographed and designed in the simple, beautiful style for which Donna Hay is known.



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